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vim-56-alpha.zip2000-Feb-10 20:02:482.26MB ZIP Compressed Archive
vim-56-vax.zip2000-Feb-10 20:02:541.77MB ZIP Compressed Archive
vim-vms-4.5-add.tar.gz1996-Dec-17 00:12:0017.81KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-vms-4.5-alpha.zip1998-Apr-17 00:04:00331.10KB ZIP Compressed Archive
vim-vms-4.5-exe.tar.gz1997-Feb-04 00:02:00260.84KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-vms-4.5.tar.gz1996-Dec-17 00:12:001.03MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-vms-5.1-alpha.zip1998-Apr-22 00:04:00459.66KB ZIP Compressed Archive
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README for Vim (Vi IMproved) on VMS

For more information on the VMS version, go to:
Thanks to Zoltan Arpadffy!

Polarfox does not allow ftp access, therefore these two files
are here:

2367412 Vim 5.6 exe+docs for Alpha
1859440 Vim 5.6 exe+docs for VAX

Version 5.3:

3779 os_vms.txt documentation about the VMS version
614908 v5.3 executables

Vim Version 4.5 and 5.1. Older, but also for Alpha:

The "vim-vms-4.5.tar.gz" gzipped tar archive contains the full sources
for the first BETA version of the VMS port for Vim (Vi IMproved). You
will need "vim-vms-4.5-add.tar.gz" too, it replaces two source files.

The "vim-vms-4.5-exe.tar.gz" file contains:
vim.exe the VIM editor (version 4.5)
mms_vim.exe a tool needed for the :ma command
Both are binaries for VAX/VMS and are tested on a VAX 4000 running VMS 6.2.

This has not been tested much, be careful!

The VMS port of Vim was made by Henk Elbers
The Alpha executable was provided by .

1081629 vim-vms-4.5.tar.gz gzipped tar archive with sources + docs
18236 vim-vms-4.5-add.tar.gz gzipped tar archive with extra sources
267099 vim-vms-4.5-exe.tar.gz gzipped tar archive with executable
339048 zip archive with v4.5 exe for Alpha
470690 zip archive with v5.1 exe for Alpha
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