Index of /unstable/unix/

NameLast ModifiedSizeType
Parent Directory/ Directory
vim-6.0-6.1a.diff.gz2002-Feb-24 21:02:51361.76KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.1a-6.1b.diff.gz2002-Mar-10 17:03:1586.23KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.1a-rt1.tar.gz2002-Feb-24 21:02:581.16MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.1a-rt2.tar.gz2002-Feb-24 21:02:10644.44KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.1a-src1.tar.gz2002-Feb-24 21:02:301.20MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.1a-src2.tar.gz2002-Feb-24 21:02:13382.44KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.1a.tar.bz22002-Feb-24 21:02:312.73MB BZ2 File
vim-6.1b-6.1.diff.gz2002-Mar-24 17:03:0275.69KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.1b-rt1.tar.gz2002-Mar-10 17:03:011.17MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.1b-rt2.tar.gz2002-Mar-10 17:03:14647.23KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.1b-src1.tar.gz2002-Mar-10 17:03:391.21MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.1b-src2.tar.gz2002-Mar-10 17:03:24383.70KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.1b.tar.bz22002-Mar-10 17:03:052.74MB BZ2 File
vim-6.2a-rt1.tar.gz2003-Apr-21 20:04:011.25MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2a-rt2.tar.gz2003-Apr-21 20:04:10743.91KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2a-src1.tar.gz2003-Apr-21 20:04:511.29MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2a-src2.tar.gz2003-Apr-21 20:04:57439.19KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2a.tar.bz22003-Apr-21 20:04:213.01MB BZ2 File
vim-6.2b-rt1.tar.gz2003-Apr-27 19:04:021.25MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2b-rt2.tar.gz2003-Apr-27 19:04:06750.01KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2b-src1.tar.gz2003-Apr-27 19:04:571.30MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2b-src2.tar.gz2003-Apr-27 19:04:00441.90KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2b.tar.bz22003-Apr-27 19:04:153.02MB BZ2 File
vim-6.2c-rt1.tar.gz2003-May-05 21:05:461.26MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2c-rt2.tar.gz2003-May-05 21:05:50753.63KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2c-src1.tar.gz2003-May-05 21:05:391.35MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2c-src2.tar.gz2003-May-05 21:05:43442.38KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2c.tar.bz22003-May-05 21:05:013.07MB BZ2 File
vim-6.2d-rt1.tar.gz2003-May-11 22:05:471.27MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2d-rt2.tar.gz2003-May-11 22:05:51755.47KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2d-src1.tar.gz2003-May-11 22:05:401.35MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2d-src2.tar.gz2003-May-11 22:05:43446.25KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2d.tar.bz22003-May-11 22:05:023.08MB BZ2 File
vim-6.2e-rt1.tar.gz2003-May-18 19:05:531.27MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2e-rt2.tar.gz2003-May-18 19:05:57755.16KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2e-src1.tar.gz2003-May-18 19:05:471.36MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2e-src2.tar.gz2003-May-18 19:05:50447.49KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2e.tar.bz22003-May-18 19:05:073.09MB BZ2 File
vim-6.2f-rt1.tar.gz2003-May-25 21:05:381.27MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2f-rt2.tar.gz2003-May-25 21:05:42756.16KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2f-src1.tar.gz2003-May-25 21:05:331.36MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2f-src2.tar.gz2003-May-25 21:05:36448.47KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2f.tar.bz22003-May-25 21:05:523.10MB BZ2 File
vim-6.3-6.4a.diff.gz2005-Oct-09 16:10:35261.94KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.3a-rt1.tar.gz2004-May-06 15:05:011.35MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.3a-rt2.tar.gz2004-May-06 15:05:041.04MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.3a-src1.tar.gz2004-May-06 15:05:581.33MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.3a-src2.tar.gz2004-May-06 15:05:00547.80KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.3a.tar.bz22004-May-06 15:05:103.49MB BZ2 File
vim-6.3b-6.3.diff.gz2004-Jun-07 14:06:32117.83KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.3b-rt1.tar.gz2004-May-16 16:05:461.35MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.3b-rt2.tar.gz2004-May-16 16:05:501.05MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.3b-src1.tar.gz2004-May-16 16:05:451.33MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.3b-src2.tar.gz2004-May-16 16:05:46547.72KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.3b.tar.bz22004-May-16 16:05:563.50MB BZ2 File
vim-6.4a-6.4b.diff.gz2005-Oct-10 14:10:2549.63KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.4a-rt1.tar.gz2005-Oct-09 15:10:481.36MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.4a-rt2.tar.gz2005-Oct-09 15:10:491.12MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.4a-src1.tar.gz2005-Oct-09 15:10:461.34MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.4a-src2.tar.gz2005-Oct-09 15:10:47563.02KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.4a.tar.bz22005-Oct-09 15:10:513.58MB BZ2 File
vim-6.4b-6.4.diff.gz2005-Oct-15 17:10:4127.44KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.4b-rt1.tar.gz2005-Oct-10 14:10:051.36MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.4b-rt2.tar.gz2005-Oct-10 14:10:051.12MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.4b-src1.tar.gz2005-Oct-10 14:10:031.34MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.4b-src2.tar.gz2005-Oct-10 14:10:04549.40KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.4b.tar.bz22005-Oct-10 14:10:073.56MB BZ2 File
vim-7.0-7.1a.diff.gz2007-May-05 17:05:15760.34KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.0b-7.0c.diff.gz2006-Mar-27 18:03:5664.76KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.0b.tar.bz22006-Mar-24 21:03:116.24MB BZ2 File
vim-7.0c-7.0d.diff.gz2006-Apr-10 15:04:08179.07KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.0c.tar.bz22006-Mar-27 17:03:356.21MB BZ2 File
vim-7.0d-7.0e.diff.gz2006-Apr-16 15:04:41145.30KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.0d.tar.bz22006-Apr-10 15:04:036.18MB BZ2 File
vim-7.0e-7.0f.diff.gz2006-Apr-24 20:04:26281.54KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.0e.tar.bz22006-Apr-16 15:04:246.21MB BZ2 File
vim-7.0f-7.0g.diff.gz2006-Apr-30 20:04:41207.99KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.0f.tar.bz22006-Apr-24 20:04:036.32MB BZ2 File
vim-7.0g-7.0.diff.gz2006-May-07 16:05:2065.34KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.0g.tar.bz22006-Apr-30 20:04:416.28MB BZ2 File
vim-7.1-7.2a.diff.gz2008-Jun-24 20:06:181.17MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.1a-7.1b.diff.gz2007-May-11 20:05:58120.86KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.1a.tar.bz22007-May-05 17:05:526.54MB BZ2 File
vim-7.1b-7.1.diff.gz2007-May-12 14:05:4424.00KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.1b.tar.bz22007-May-10 18:05:546.56MB BZ2 File
vim-7.2-7.3a.diff.gz2010-Jul-18 22:07:221.70MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.2a-7.2b.diff.gz2008-Jul-13 18:07:03125.28KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.2a.tar.bz22008-Jun-24 20:06:366.85MB BZ2 File
vim-7.2b-7.2c.diff.gz2008-Aug-06 17:08:4482.36KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.2b.tar.bz22008-Jul-13 18:07:236.86MB BZ2 File
vim-7.2c-7.2.diff.gz2008-Aug-09 18:08:3318.60KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.2c.tar.bz22008-Aug-06 16:08:046.87MB BZ2 File
vim-7.3a-7.3b.diff.gz2010-Jul-25 17:07:24126.52KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.3a.tar.bz22010-Jul-18 22:07:269.01MB BZ2 File
vim-7.3b-7.3c.diff.gz2010-Aug-01 19:08:22115.68KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.3b.tar.bz22010-Jul-25 17:07:449.02MB BZ2 File
vim-7.3c-7.3d.diff.gz2010-Aug-04 18:08:2031.98KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.3c.tar.bz22010-Aug-01 20:08:339.02MB BZ2 File
vim-7.3d-7.3e.diff.gz2010-Aug-08 21:08:36433.53KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.3d.tar.bz22010-Aug-04 18:08:559.02MB BZ2 File
vim-7.3e-7.3f.diff.gz2010-Aug-13 22:08:46100.51KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.3e.tar.bz22010-Aug-08 21:08:168.64MB BZ2 File
vim-7.3f-7.3.diff.gz2010-Aug-15 15:08:4927.21KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.3f.tar.bz22010-Aug-13 22:08:048.66MB BZ2 File
vim-7.4a.tar.bz22013-Jul-06 14:07:029.37MB BZ2 File
vim-7.4b.tar.bz22013-Jul-28 18:07:369.38MB BZ2 File
Unstable versions of Vim - Vi IMproved - for Unix et al.

The files in this directory contain test versions for Unix systems.
These are also used for VMS, BeOS, OS/2, Mac, etc., in combination
with the "extra" archive (in ../extra).
Files ending in ".bz2" require "bunzip2" to uncompress.

27863 vim-7.3f-7.3.diff.gz diff between version 7.3f and 7.3

9081090 vim-7.3f.tar.bz2 sources + runtime for version 7.3f
102927 vim-7.3e-7.3f.diff.gz diff between version 7.3e and 7.3f

9059920 vim-7.3e.tar.bz2 sources + runtime for version 7.3e
443931 vim-7.3d-7.3e.diff.gz diff between version 7.3d and 7.3e

9462274 vim-7.3d.tar.bz2 sources + runtime for version 7.3d
32751 vim-7.3c-7.3d.diff.gz diff between version 7.3c and 7.3d

9458069 vim-7.3c.tar.bz2 sources + runtime for version 7.3c
118455 vim-7.3b-7.3c.diff.gz diff between version 7.3b and 7.3c

9457093 vim-7.3b.tar.bz2 sources + runtime for version 7.3b
118455 vim-7.3b-7.3c.diff.gz diff between version 7.3a and 7.3b

9444507 vim-7.3a.tar.bz2 sources + runtime for version 7.3a
1785950 vim-7.2-7.3a.diff.gz diff between version 7.2 and 7.3a

19048 vim-7.2c-7.2.diff.gz diff between version 7.2c and 7.2

7201756 vim-7.2c.tar.bz2 sources + runtime for version 7.2c
84332 vim-7.2b-7.2c.diff.gz diff between version 7.2b and 7.2c

7197575 vim-7.2b.tar.bz2 sources + runtime for version 7.2b
128288 vim-7.2a-7.2b.diff.gz diff between version 7.2a and 7.2b

7187636 vim-7.2a.tar.bz2 sources + runtime for version 7.2a
1226100 vim-7.1-7.2a.diff.gz diff between version 7.1 and 7.2a

24579 vim-7.1b-7.1.diff.gz diff between version 7.1b and 7.1

6874054 vim-7.1b.tar.bz2 sources + runtime for version 7.1b
123762 vim-7.1a-7.1b.diff.gz diff between version 7.1a and 7.1b

6862235 vim-7.1a.tar.bz2 sources + runtime for version 7.1a
778589 vim-7.0-7.1a.diff.gz diff between version 7.0 and 7.1a

66907 vim-7.0g-7.0.diff.gz diff between version 7.0g and 7.0

6586484 vim-7.0g.tar.bz2 sources + runtime for version 7.0g
212986 vim-7.0f-7.0g.diff.gz diff between version 7.0f and 7.0g

6630456 vim-7.0f.tar.bz2 sources + runtime for version 7.0f
288295 vim-7.0e-7.0f.diff.gz diff between version 7.0e and 7.0f

6514607 vim-7.0e.tar.bz2 sources + runtime for version 7.0e
148791 vim-7.0d-7.0e.diff.gz diff between version 7.0d and 7.0e

6476610 vim-7.0d.tar.bz2 sources + runtime for version 7.0d
183364 vim-7.0c-7.0d.diff.gz diff between version 7.0c and 7.0d

6507091 vim-7.0c.tar.bz2 sources + runtime for version 7.0c
66310 vim-7.0b-7.0c.diff.gz diff between version 7.0b and 7.0c

6542521 vim-7.0b.tar.bz2 sources + runtime for version 7.0b

For Vim 6.4 and earlier:
Files ending in ".gz" require "gunzip" to uncompress.
Get either the ".bz2" archive OR the four "src" and "rt" archives.

3736207 vim-6.4b.tar.bz2 sources + runtime for version 6.4b
1431006 vim-6.4b-rt1.tar.gz runtime part 1 for version 6.4b
1169477 vim-6.4b-rt2.tar.gz runtime part 2 for version 6.4b
1403026 vim-6.4b-src1.tar.gz sources part 1 for version 6.4b
562583 vim-6.4b-src2.tar.gz sources part 2 for version 6.4b
50822 vim-6.4a-6.4b.diff.gz diff between version 6.4a and 6.4b

3749870 vim-6.4a.tar.bz2 sources + runtime for version 6.4a
1430511 vim-6.4a-rt1.tar.gz runtime part 1 for version 6.4a
1169464 vim-6.4a-rt2.tar.gz runtime part 2 for version 6.4a
1403010 vim-6.4a-src1.tar.gz sources part 1 for version 6.4a
576528 vim-6.4a-src2.tar.gz sources part 2 for version 6.4a
268228 vim-6.3-6.4a.diff.gz diff between version 6.3 and 6.4a

120660 vim-6.3b-6.3.diff.gz diff between version 6.3b and 6.3

3668322 vim-6.3b.tar.bz2 sources + runtime for version 6.3b
1419778 vim-6.3b-rt1.tar.gz runtime part 1 for version 6.3b
1105371 vim-6.3b-rt2.tar.gz runtime part 2 for version 6.3b
1396076 vim-6.3b-src1.tar.gz sources part 1 for version 6.3b
560866 vim-6.3b-src2.tar.gz sources part 2 for version 6.3b
107525 vim-6.3a-6.3b.diff.gz diff between version 6.3a and 6.3b

3655839 vim-6.3a.tar.bz2 sources + runtime for version 6.3a
1417427 vim-6.3a-rt1.tar.gz runtime part 1 for version 6.3a
1094750 vim-6.3a-rt2.tar.gz runtime part 2 for version 6.3a
1394597 vim-6.3a-src1.tar.gz sources part 1 for version 6.3a
560949 vim-6.3a-src2.tar.gz sources part 2 for version 6.3a
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