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vim61abin.tgz2002-Feb-24 20:02:11360.65KB TGZ File
vim61art.tgz2002-Feb-24 20:02:521.82MB TGZ File
vim61asrc.tgz2002-Feb-24 20:02:531.23MB TGZ File
vim61bbin.tgz2002-Mar-10 17:03:42361.00KB TGZ File
vim61brt.tgz2002-Mar-10 17:03:231.83MB TGZ File
vim61bsrc.tgz2002-Mar-10 17:03:141.24MB TGZ File
vim62abin.tgz2003-Apr-21 21:04:41371.94KB TGZ File
vim62art.tgz2003-Apr-21 20:04:072.01MB TGZ File
vim62asrc.tgz2003-Apr-21 20:04:531.32MB TGZ File
vim62brt.tgz2003-Apr-27 19:04:142.02MB TGZ File
vim62bsrc.tgz2003-Apr-27 19:04:121.33MB TGZ File
vim62crt.tgz2003-May-05 21:05:562.03MB TGZ File
vim62csrc.tgz2003-May-05 21:05:451.38MB TGZ File
vim62dbin.tgz2003-May-11 23:05:35375.03KB TGZ File
vim62drt.tgz2003-May-11 22:05:022.04MB TGZ File
vim62dsrc.tgz2003-May-11 22:05:501.39MB TGZ File
vim62ebin.tgz2003-May-18 19:05:00375.50KB TGZ File
vim62ert.tgz2003-May-18 19:05:572.04MB TGZ File
vim62esrc.tgz2003-May-18 19:05:471.39MB TGZ File
vim62frt.tgz2003-May-25 21:05:402.04MB TGZ File
vim62fsrc.tgz2003-May-25 21:05:281.39MB TGZ File
vim63abin.tgz2004-May-06 14:05:42387.11KB TGZ File
vim63art.tgz2004-May-06 14:05:382.17MB TGZ File
vim63asrc.tgz2004-May-06 15:05:281.46MB TGZ File
vim63bbin.tgz2004-May-16 16:05:25387.39KB TGZ File
vim63brt.tgz2004-May-16 16:05:212.17MB TGZ File
vim63bsrc.tgz2004-May-16 16:05:151.46MB TGZ File
vim64abin.tgz2005-Oct-09 17:10:32388.78KB TGZ File
vim64art.tgz2005-Oct-09 16:10:122.23MB TGZ File
vim64asrc.tgz2005-Oct-09 14:10:491.47MB TGZ File
vim71brt.tgz2007-May-10 16:05:282.93MB TGZ File
vim71bsrc.tgz2007-May-10 16:05:221.81MB TGZ File
vim72art.tgz2008-Jun-24 21:06:543.04MB TGZ File
vim72asrc.tgz2008-Jun-24 21:06:501.84MB TGZ File
vim72brt.tgz2008-Jul-13 18:07:213.06MB TGZ File
vim72bsrc.tgz2008-Jul-13 18:07:251.84MB TGZ File
vim72crt.tgz2008-Aug-06 17:08:473.07MB TGZ File
vim72csrc.tgz2008-Aug-06 17:08:421.84MB TGZ File
vim73art.tgz2010-Jul-18 22:07:193.22MB TGZ File
vim73asrc.tgz2010-Jul-18 22:07:241.91MB TGZ File
vim73brt.tgz2010-Jul-25 18:07:393.22MB TGZ File
vim73bsrc.tgz2010-Jul-25 18:07:341.92MB TGZ File
vim73crt.tgz2010-Aug-01 20:08:513.22MB TGZ File
vim73csrc.tgz2010-Aug-01 20:08:481.92MB TGZ File
vim73drt.tgz2010-Aug-04 18:08:483.23MB TGZ File
vim73dsrc.tgz2010-Aug-04 18:08:221.92MB TGZ File
vim73ert.tgz2010-Aug-08 21:08:223.24MB TGZ File
vim73esrc.tgz2010-Aug-08 21:08:401.92MB TGZ File
vim73frt.tgz2010-Aug-13 22:08:283.24MB TGZ File
vim73fsrc.tgz2010-Aug-13 22:08:221.92MB TGZ File
Unstable versions of Vim - Vi IMproved - for Amiga

The files in this directory contain test versions for Amiga systems.

3398581 vim73frt.tgz v7.3f runtime files (always needed)
2013825 vim73fsrc.tgz v7.3f sources

3394975 vim73ert.tgz v7.3e runtime files (always needed)
2012645 vim73esrc.tgz v7.3e sources

3388208 vim73drt.tgz v7.3d runtime files (always needed)
2013609 vim73dsrc.tgz v7.3d sources

3381599 vim73crt.tgz v7.3c runtime files (always needed)
2012568 vim73csrc.tgz v7.3c sources

3380360 vim73brt.tgz v7.3b runtime files (always needed)
2010902 vim73bsrc.tgz v7.3b sources

3376187 vim73art.tgz v7.3a runtime files (always needed)
2006318 vim73asrc.tgz v7.3a sources

3214189 vim72crt.tgz v7.2c runtime files (always needed)
1930715 vim72csrc.tgz v7.2c sources

3203849 vim72brt.tgz v7.2b runtime files (always needed)
1929171 vim72bsrc.tgz v7.2b sources

3192430 vim72art.tgz v7.2a runtime files (always needed)
1927792 vim72asrc.tgz v7.2a sources

3069333 vim71brt.tgz v7.1b runtime files (always needed)
1894738 vim71bsrc.tgz v7.1b sources

2333635 vim64art.tgz v6.4a runtime files (always needed)
398115 vim64abin.tgz v6.4a binaries
1541915 vim64asrc.tgz v6.4a sources

2279761 vim63brt.tgz v6.3b runtime files (always needed)
396687 vim63bbin.tgz v6.3b binaries
1534525 vim63bsrc.tgz v6.3b sources

2276808 vim63art.tgz v6.3a runtime files (always needed)
396403 vim63abin.tgz v6.3a binaries
1529843 vim63asrc.tgz v6.3a sources
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