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old/1999-Dec-29 11:12:20-- Directory
5.6a.0011999-Dec-20 11:12:543.95KB 001 File
5.6a.0021999-Dec-21 20:12:025.95KB 002 File
5.6a.0031999-Dec-21 20:12:055.82KB 003 File
5.6a.0041999-Dec-21 20:12:102.25KB 004 File
5.6a.0051999-Dec-21 20:12:122.89KB 005 File
5.6a.0061999-Dec-21 22:12:552.73KB 006 File
5.6a.0071999-Dec-22 11:12:334.81KB 007 File
5.6a.0081999-Dec-22 11:12:362.17KB 008 File
5.6a.0091999-Dec-23 11:12:483.98KB 009 File
5.6a.0101999-Dec-23 11:12:501.14KB 010 File
5.6a.0111999-Dec-27 20:12:401.52KB 011 File
5.6a.0121999-Dec-27 20:12:468.57KB 012 File
5.6a.0131999-Dec-29 11:12:261.27KB 013 File
5.6a.0141999-Dec-29 12:12:4613.90KB 014 File
5.6a.0151999-Dec-29 12:12:511.42KB 015 File
5.6a.0161999-Dec-30 10:12:092.88KB 016 File
5.6a.0172000-Jan-05 12:01:402.45KB 017 File
5.6a.0182000-Jan-08 23:01:26180.18KB 018 File
5.6a.0192000-Jan-10 22:01:081.73KB 019 File
5.6a.0202000-Jan-11 17:01:265.17KB 020 File
5.6a.0212000-Jan-11 17:01:353.98KB 021 File
5.6a.0222000-Jan-12 20:01:491.58KB 022 File
5.6a.0232000-Jan-13 20:01:191.20KB 023 File
5.6a.0242000-Jan-13 20:01:315.92KB 024 File
5.6a.0252000-Jan-13 23:01:102.88KB 025 File
5.6a.0262000-Jan-14 22:01:492.31KB 026 File
5.6a.0272000-Jan-14 22:01:5940.82KB 027 File
5.6a.0282000-Jan-14 22:01:001.61KB 028 File
5.7a.0012000-Jun-18 20:06:001.76KB 001 File
5.7a.0022000-Jun-18 20:06:022.26KB 002 File
5.7a.0032000-Jun-18 20:06:033.57KB 003 File
5.7a.0042000-Jun-19 21:06:001.14KB 004 File
5.7a.0052000-Jun-20 20:06:022.24KB 005 File
5.7a.0062000-Jun-20 21:06:0450.35KB 006 File
5.7a.0072000-Jun-23 10:06:081.17KB 007 File
5.7a.0082000-Jun-23 10:06:103.82KB 008 File
6.0aw.0012001-Sep-17 12:09:481.53KB 001 File
6.0aw.0022001-Sep-17 14:09:04983.00B 002 File
6.0aw.0032001-Sep-17 15:09:581.45KB 003 File
6.0aw.0042001-Sep-17 16:09:571.01KB 004 File
6.0aw.0052001-Sep-17 22:09:411.04KB 005 File
6.0aw.0062001-Sep-18 11:09:051.16KB 006 File
6.0aw.0072001-Sep-18 16:09:381.43KB 007 File
6.0aw.0082001-Sep-18 16:09:104.52KB 008 File
6.0aw.0092001-Sep-18 20:09:291.10KB 009 File
6.0aw.0102001-Sep-18 21:09:431.83KB 010 File
6.0ax.0012001-Sep-20 18:09:362.09KB 001 File
6.0ax.0022001-Sep-20 22:09:012.10KB 002 File
6.0ax.0032001-Sep-20 22:09:201.50KB 003 File
6.0ax.0042001-Sep-20 22:09:201.75KB 004 File
6.0ax.0052001-Sep-21 09:09:461.51KB 005 File
6.0ax.0062001-Sep-21 10:09:381.58KB 006 File
6.0ax.0072001-Sep-21 11:09:162.58KB 007 File
6.0ax.0082001-Sep-21 16:09:151.33KB 008 File
6.0ax.0092001-Sep-21 20:09:371.60KB 009 File
6.0ax.0102001-Sep-21 20:09:373.19KB 010 File
6.0ax.0112001-Sep-23 21:09:184.30KB 011 File
6.0ax.0122001-Sep-23 21:09:191.56KB 012 File
6.0ax.0132001-Sep-24 12:09:562.68KB 013 File
6.0ax.0142001-Sep-24 15:09:052.46KB 014 File
6.0ax.0152001-Sep-24 21:09:391.99KB 015 File
6.0ax.0162001-Sep-24 22:09:442.09KB 016 File
6.0ax.0172001-Sep-24 22:09:438.98KB 017 File
6.0ax.0182001-Sep-25 11:09:162.12KB 018 File
6.0ax.0192001-Sep-25 11:09:161.42KB 019 File
6.0ax.0202001-Sep-25 11:09:041.31KB 020 File
vim-5.5a.16-5.5b-extra.diff.gz1999-Sep-12 17:09:072.14KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.5a.16-5.5b-rt.diff.gz1999-Sep-12 17:09:1725.07KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.5a.16-5.5b-src.diff.gz1999-Sep-12 17:09:2621.18KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.6-dalecki-4.gz2000-Mar-18 15:03:13187.54KB GZ Compressed Archive
Patches for unreleased versions of Vim - Vi IMproved

The files in this directory contain source code changes to fix problems in
unreleased versions of Vim. Each file also contains an explanation of the
problem that is fixed, like the message that was sent to the vim-dev maillist.

The best is to apply the patches in sequence. Sometimes a patch depends on an
earlier patch. If you didn't unpack the "extra" archive, skip the patches
marked with "(extra)".

After applying a patch, you need to compile Vim. There are no patches for

Individual patches for Vim 6.0ax:

2143 6.0ax.001 'patchmode' didn't work when appending to a file
2151 6.0ax.002 appending to a compressed file with 'patchmode' didn't work
1541 6.0ax.003 the Workshop interface didn't work when 'compatible' is set
1791 6.0ax.004 Motif: sign icons had a black background
1547 6.0ax.005 Athena: title of file selector was wrong
1623 6.0ax.006 Multi-byte: clearing right half of a wide char was wrong
2637 6.0ax.007 GPM: double mouse click was handled like scroll wheel
1361 6.0ax.008 UTF-8: vertical separator could contain wrong characters
1638 6.0ax.009 when exiting, shell prompt could be after hit-enter prompt
3263 6.0ax.010 Edit.Save menu and Save toolbar item needed a file name
4405 6.0ax.011 didn't delete a line break when 'virtualedit' set
1595 6.0ax.012 redraw problem when "$" in 'cpoptions' and breaking a line
2749 6.0ax.013 X11 client-server could hang on expression evaluation
2522 6.0ax.014 Win32: ":make" didn't pass environment to make
2035 6.0ax.015 two non-ansi initializations cause trouble for old compilers
2143 6.0ax.016 the version number in the intro screen was wrong
9200 6.0ax.017 various problems in the printing code
2172 6.0ax.018 GTK: scrollbar of vertically split window is not updated
1454 6.0ax.019 scrolling a window with folds up disabled scrollbar updates
1343 6.0ax.020 vertical scrollbar for second window was few pixels down

Individual patches for Vim 6.0aw:

1565 6.0aw.001 using histget() with a low index caused a hang
983 6.0aw.002 crash when using syntax highlighting
1484 6.0aw.003 first char of a wrapping line was blanked
1036 6.0aw.004 Win32 with double-byte encoding could crash
1060 6.0aw.005 GUI: After the file-changed dialog the cursor wasn't updated
1190 6.0aw.006 crash when debugging a function while editing command line
1460 6.0aw.007 'foldlevel' was not set to 'foldlevelstart'
4631 6.0aw.008 various fixes for the default menu
1131 6.0aw.009 CTRL-B works wrong with closed folds
1871 6.0aw.010 Win32: file browser didn't work forward slashes

Individual patches for Vim 5.7a:

1800 5.7a.001 GTK GUI: doesn't respond on drag&drop from ROX-Filer
2310 5.7a.002 Multi-byte: 'showmatch' also done on second byte
3652 5.7a.003 Multi-byte: After CTRL-O in Insert mode cursor moves
1164 5.7a.004 displaying the search pattern offset could cause a crash
2295 5.7a.005 ":s//~/" without a match reported "[NULL}" for search pat
51556 5.7a.006 (extra) VMS: various problems, also for VAXC compiler
1201 5.7a.007 Motif and Athena GUI: CTRL-@ interpreted as CTRL-C
3908 5.7a.008 GTK GUI: extra redraws for CTRL-L and when starting up

Patch for Vim 5.6:

192041 vim-5.6-dalecki-4.gz various multi-byte related changes

Individual patches for Vim 5.6a:

4042 5.6a.001 and didn't handle a count
6089 5.6a.002 2html.vim was an older version
5964 5.6a.003 defining a function inside a function didn't work
2309 5.6a.004 missing ":endif" or ":endwhile" didn't give error message
2957 5.6a.005 'hlsearch' was not listed alphabetically
2795 5.6a.006 error message for backwards range inside ":if 0"
4928 5.6a.007 ":let" didn't list internal Vim variables
2220 5.6a.008 setting syntax from the Syntax menu gave an error message
4073 5.6a.009 compilation errors when some features are disabled
1169 5.6a.010 ":startinsert!" doesn't always append
1552 5.6a.011 no error msg for missing ":endif"/":endwhile" in a function
8771 5.6a.012 some Syntax menu entries caused hit-return prompt
1297 5.6a.013 command line completion could depend on previous completion
14234 5.6a.014 various fixes for compilation and lint warning messages
1452 5.6a.015 the vimtutor could not always expand $VIMRUNTIME
2953 5.6a.016 (extra) Mac: limits on window resizing and dragging
2511 5.6a.017 Paste entry in PopUp menu was in wrong position
184503 5.6a.018 GTK GUI: fix a number of small problems
1768 5.6a.019 Can't recover a file over NFS
5292 5.6a.020 GTK GUI: "-display" option wasn't working
4078 5.6a.021 Still could not recover from a device with large block size
1617 5.6a.022 (extra) Win32 GUI: opening a dialog early causes a crash
1233 5.6a.023 crash when using expand("%:gs??/?")
6063 5.6a.024 crash when using ":au BufLeave bdel" and then ":ta"
2951 5.6a.025 (extra) Win32: toupper()/tolower() tables init'd too late
2364 5.6a.026 Unix and SNiFF: Hang after executing an external command
41802 5.6a.027 (extra) add gvimext.dll for a better "Edit with Vim" menu
1651 5.6a.028 (extra) Win32 GUI: wrong multi-byte chars in dialogs

To patch from 5.5a.16 to 5.5b:
25669 vim-5.5a.16-5.5b-rt.diff.gz
21686 vim-5.5a.16-5.5b-src.diff.gz
2191 vim-5.5a.16-5.5b-extra.diff.gz
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