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vim55abig.tgz1999-Aug-29 21:08:41300.10KB TGZ File
vim55abin.tgz1999-Aug-29 21:08:23286.51KB TGZ File
vim55art.tgz1999-Aug-29 22:08:57974.35KB TGZ File
vim55asrc.tgz1999-Aug-29 22:08:09924.02KB TGZ File
vim55bbig.tgz1999-Sep-12 16:09:00300.22KB TGZ File
vim55bbin.tgz1999-Sep-12 16:09:48286.68KB TGZ File
vim55brt.tgz1999-Sep-12 16:09:51985.22KB TGZ File
vim55bsrc.tgz1999-Sep-12 16:09:31925.71KB TGZ File
vim56abig.tgz1999-Dec-19 18:12:20303.37KB TGZ File
vim56abin.tgz1999-Dec-19 18:12:51289.91KB TGZ File
vim56art.tgz1999-Dec-19 18:12:281.00MB TGZ File
vim56asrc.tgz1999-Dec-19 18:12:22933.77KB TGZ File
vim57abig.tgz2000-Jun-10 15:06:49306.60KB TGZ File
vim57abin.tgz2000-Jun-10 15:06:22292.27KB TGZ File
vim57art.tgz2000-Jun-10 15:06:281.09MB TGZ File
vim57asrc.tgz2000-Jun-10 15:06:29945.63KB TGZ File
vim58abig.tgz2001-May-11 16:05:12276.05KB TGZ File
vim58abin.tgz2001-May-11 16:05:31261.33KB TGZ File
vim58art.tgz2001-May-11 16:05:071.22MB TGZ File
vim58asrc.tgz2001-May-11 16:05:12866.69KB TGZ File
vim60apbin.tgz2001-Jul-29 16:07:06355.55KB TGZ File
vim60aprt.tgz2001-Jul-29 17:07:171.69MB TGZ File
vim60apsrc.tgz2001-Jul-29 17:07:501.19MB TGZ File
vim60aqbin.tgz2001-Aug-05 22:08:15355.76KB TGZ File
vim60aqrt.tgz2001-Aug-05 22:08:051.69MB TGZ File
vim60aqsrc.tgz2001-Aug-05 22:08:371.19MB TGZ File
vim60arbin.tgz2001-Aug-12 21:08:46355.73KB TGZ File
vim60arrt.tgz2001-Aug-12 21:08:121.70MB TGZ File
vim60arsrc.tgz2001-Aug-12 21:08:281.20MB TGZ File
vim60asbin.tgz2001-Aug-19 22:08:17356.02KB TGZ File
vim60asrt.tgz2001-Aug-19 22:08:361.70MB TGZ File
vim60assrc.tgz2001-Aug-19 22:08:161.20MB TGZ File
vim60atbin.tgz2001-Aug-27 21:08:52356.55KB TGZ File
vim60atrt.tgz2001-Aug-27 21:08:131.70MB TGZ File
vim60atsrc.tgz2001-Aug-27 21:08:311.21MB TGZ File
vim60aubin.tgz2001-Sep-02 19:09:44357.15KB TGZ File
vim60aurt.tgz2001-Sep-02 19:09:041.72MB TGZ File
vim60ausrc.tgz2001-Sep-02 19:09:491.21MB TGZ File
vim60avbin.tgz2001-Sep-09 23:09:07358.18KB TGZ File
vim60avrt.tgz2001-Sep-09 23:09:181.72MB TGZ File
vim60avsrc.tgz2001-Sep-09 23:09:511.22MB TGZ File
vim60awbin.tgz2001-Sep-16 21:09:21358.40KB TGZ File
vim60awrt.tgz2001-Sep-16 21:09:361.73MB TGZ File
vim60awsrc.tgz2001-Sep-16 21:09:201.22MB TGZ File
Unreleased versions of Vim - Vi IMproved - for Amiga

The files in this directory contain test versions for Amiga systems.
Ctags is no longer included. You can find it here:

1815109 vim60awrt.tgz v6.0aw runtime files (always needed)
367002 vim60awbin.tgz v6.0aw binaries
1278417 vim60awsrc.tgz v6.0aw sources

1806813 vim60avrt.tgz v6.0av runtime files (always needed)
366780 vim60avbin.tgz v6.0av binaries
1276285 vim60avsrc.tgz v6.0av sources

1801234 vim60aurt.tgz v6.0au runtime files (always needed)
365723 vim60aubin.tgz v6.0au binaries
1270700 vim60ausrc.tgz v6.0au sources
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