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MD52013-Aug-10 14:08:503.35KB Unknown File
MD5SUMS2013-Aug-10 14:08:482.96KB Unknown File
ctags-2.0-2.0.2.diff.gz1998-Mar-02 00:03:007.73KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-3.0.tar.gz1996-Mar-05 00:03:00457.18KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-4.6.tar.gz1997-Mar-13 06:03:001009.67KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.0-5.1.diff.gz1998-Apr-08 00:04:00231.32KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.0.tar.gz1998-Mar-02 00:03:001.34MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.1.tar.gz1998-Apr-07 00:04:001.38MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.2-5.3-rt.diff.gz1998-Aug-31 09:08:0032.41KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.2-5.3-src.diff.gz1998-Aug-31 09:08:008.83KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.3-rt.tar.gz1998-Aug-31 09:08:00699.19KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.3-src.tar.gz1998-Aug-31 09:08:00961.29KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.4-5.5-rt.diff.gz1999-Sep-19 18:09:13112.05KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.4-5.5-src.diff.gz1999-Sep-19 18:09:35115.00KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.4-rt.tar.gz1999-Jul-25 21:07:13905.43KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.4-src.tar.gz1999-Jul-25 21:07:471.14MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.5-5.6-rt.diff.gz2000-Jan-16 20:01:41188.98KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.5-5.6-src.diff.gz2000-Jan-16 20:01:22127.94KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.5-rt.tar.gz1999-Sep-19 18:09:59943.50KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.5-src.tar.gz1999-Sep-19 18:09:381.15MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.6-5.7-rt.diff.gz2000-Jun-24 16:06:19184.66KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.6-5.7-src.diff.gz2000-Jun-24 16:06:5095.96KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.6-rt.tar.gz2000-Jan-16 20:01:34996.05KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.6-src.tar.gz2000-Jan-16 20:01:191.16MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.7-5.8-rt.diff.gz2001-May-31 16:05:44405.41KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.7-5.8-src.diff.gz2001-May-31 16:05:56160.97KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.7-rt.tar.gz2000-Jun-24 16:06:321.05MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.7-src.tar.gz2000-Jun-24 16:06:541.17MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.8-rt.tar.gz2001-May-31 16:05:491.21MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.8-src.tar.gz2001-May-31 16:05:121.06MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.0-6.1.diff.gz2002-Mar-24 17:03:33463.46KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.0-rt1.tar.gz2001-Sep-26 18:09:231.12MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.0-rt2.tar.gz2001-Sep-26 18:09:10598.80KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.0-src1.tar.gz2001-Sep-26 18:09:431.19MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.0-src2.tar.gz2001-Sep-26 18:09:13380.39KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.0.tar.bz22001-Sep-26 18:09:392.65MB BZ2 File
vim-6.1-6.2.diff.gz2003-Jun-01 16:06:201.31MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.1-rt1.tar.gz2002-Mar-24 17:03:211.17MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.1-rt2.tar.gz2002-Mar-24 17:03:34661.21KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.1-src1.tar.gz2002-Mar-24 17:03:391.21MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.1-src2.tar.gz2002-Mar-24 17:03:21383.80KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.1.405-rt1.tar.gz2003-Mar-15 21:03:041.18MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.1.405-rt2.tar.gz2003-Mar-15 21:03:55663.63KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.1.405-src1.tar.gz2003-Mar-15 21:03:351.25MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.1.405-src2.tar.gz2003-Mar-15 21:03:05392.77KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.1.405.tar.bz22003-Mar-15 21:03:452.81MB BZ2 File
vim-6.1.tar.bz22002-Mar-24 17:03:422.76MB BZ2 File
vim-6.2-rt1.tar.gz2003-Jun-01 16:06:411.28MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2-rt2.tar.gz2003-Jun-01 16:06:45758.36KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2-src1.tar.gz2003-Jun-01 16:06:361.36MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2-src2.tar.gz2003-Jun-01 16:06:38448.98KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2.tar.bz22003-Jun-01 16:06:563.12MB BZ2 File
vim-6.3-6.4.diff.gz2005-Oct-15 16:10:19283.13KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.3-rt1.tar.gz2004-Jun-07 14:06:151.36MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.3-rt2.tar.gz2004-Jun-07 14:06:181.08MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.3-src1.tar.gz2004-Jun-07 14:06:131.33MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.3-src2.tar.gz2004-Jun-07 14:06:14547.70KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.3.tar.bz22004-Jun-07 14:06:233.53MB BZ2 File
vim-6.4-rt1.tar.gz2005-Oct-15 16:10:311.37MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.4-rt2.tar.gz2005-Oct-15 16:10:311.12MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.4-src1.tar.gz2005-Oct-15 16:10:411.34MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.4-src2.tar.gz2005-Oct-15 16:10:41549.41KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.4.tar.bz22005-Oct-15 16:10:053.56MB BZ2 File
vim-7.0-7.1.diff.gz2007-May-12 14:05:01845.97KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.0.tar.bz22006-May-07 16:05:506.27MB BZ2 File
vim-7.1-7.2.diff.gz2008-Aug-09 18:08:191.29MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.1.tar.bz22007-May-12 14:05:516.56MB BZ2 File
vim-7.2-7.3.diff.gz2010-Aug-15 15:08:182.30MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.2.tar.bz22008-Sep-06 16:09:586.87MB BZ2 File
vim-7.3.tar.bz22010-Aug-15 15:08:258.66MB BZ2 File
vim-7.4.tar.bz22013-Aug-10 14:08:329.39MB BZ2 File
Vim - Vi IMproved - for Unix


9843297 vim-7.4.tar.bz2 version 7.4 runtime + sources

9080692 vim-7.3.tar.bz2 version 7.3 runtime + sources
2408705 vim-7.2-7.3.diff.gz diff between 7.2 and 7.3

7203291 vim-7.2.tar.bz2 version 7.2 runtime + sources
(fixed permissions 2008 Sep 6)
1349327 vim-7.1-7.2.diff.gz diff between 7.1 and 7.2

6876053 vim-7.1.tar.bz2 version 7.1 runtime + sources
866271 vim-7.0-7.1.diff.gz diff between 7.0 and 7.1

6575205 vim-7.0.tar.bz2 version 7.0 runtime + sources

3737338 vim-6.4.tar.bz2 version 6.4 runtime + sources
1432350 vim-6.4-rt1.tar.gz version 6.4 runtime part 1
1169428 vim-6.4-rt2.tar.gz version 6.4 runtime part 2
1403101 vim-6.4-src1.tar.gz version 6.4 sources part 1
562600 vim-6.4-src2.tar.gz version 6.4 sources part 2
289928 vim-6.3-6.4.diff.gz diff between 6.3 and 6.4

3699397 vim-6.3.tar.bz2 version 6.3 runtime + sources
1423701 vim-6.3-rt1.tar.gz version 6.3 runtime part 1
1132075 vim-6.3-rt2.tar.gz version 6.3 runtime part 2
1397231 vim-6.3-src1.tar.gz version 6.3 sources part 1
560845 vim-6.3-src2.tar.gz version 6.3 sources part 2

Older versions:

3269791 vim-6.2.tar.bz2 version 6.2 runtime + sources
1346940 vim-6.2-rt1.tar.gz version 6.2 runtime part 1
776559 vim-6.2-rt2.tar.gz version 6.2 runtime part 2
1429904 vim-6.2-src1.tar.gz version 6.2 sources part 1
459760 vim-6.2-src2.tar.gz version 6.2 sources part 2
1376020 vim-6.1-6.2.diff.gz diff between 6.1 and 6.2

2948337 vim-6.1.405.tar.bz2 version 6.1.405 runtime + sources
1240805 vim-6.1.405-rt1.tar.gz version 6.1.405 runtime part 1
679562 vim-6.1.405-rt2.tar.gz version 6.1.405 runtime part 2
1314190 vim-6.1.405-src1.tar.gz version 6.1.405 sources part 1
402200 vim-6.1.405-src2.tar.gz version 6.1.405 sources part 2

2890049 vim-6.1.tar.bz2 version 6.1 runtime + sources
1226390 vim-6.1-rt1.tar.gz version 6.1 runtime part 1
677075 vim-6.1-rt2.tar.gz version 6.1 runtime part 2
1265168 vim-6.1-src1.tar.gz version 6.1 sources part 1
393010 vim-6.1-src2.tar.gz version 6.1 sources part 2
474580 vim-6.0-6.1.diff.gz diff between 6.0 and 6.1

2776551 vim-6.0.tar.bz2 version 6.0 runtime + sources
1178487 vim-6.0-rt1.tar.gz version 6.0 runtime part 1
613167 vim-6.0-rt2.tar.gz version 6.0 runtime part 2
1246831 vim-6.0-src1.tar.gz version 6.0 sources part 1
389522 vim-6.0-src2.tar.gz version 6.0 sources part 2

Very old versions:

1266852 vim-5.8-rt.tar.gz version 5.8 runtime files
1112952 vim-5.8-src.tar.gz version 5.8 sources
415140 vim-5.7-5.8-rt.diff.gz diff between 5.7 and 5.8 runtime
164832 vim-5.7-5.8-src.diff.gz diff between 5.7 and 5.8 sources


1408862 vim-5.0.tar.gz Unix files for version 5.0 (incl new ctags)
7918 ctags-2.0-2.0.2.diff.gz new ctags 2.0.2 for version 5.0

1033905 vim-4.6.tar.gz all files for version 4.6
468153 vim-3.0.tar.gz all files for version 3.0

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