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6.4.0012005-Oct-17 11:10:091.67KB 001 File
6.4.0022005-Nov-29 19:11:457.62KB 002 File
6.4.0032005-Nov-30 12:11:061.43KB 003 File
6.4.0042005-Dec-01 16:12:181.54KB 004 File
6.4.0052005-Dec-22 22:12:361.54KB 005 File
6.4.0062005-Dec-22 22:12:032.27KB 006 File
6.4.0072006-Feb-08 11:02:231.68KB 007 File
6.4.0082006-Feb-25 14:02:332.15KB 008 File
6.4.0092006-Mar-15 11:03:172.59KB 009 File
6.4.0102006-Mar-20 14:03:383.41KB 010 File
MD52006-Mar-20 14:03:38490.00B 4//MD5 File
MD5SUMS2006-May-09 20:05:52420.00B 4//MD5SUMS File
Patches for Vim - Vi IMproved 6.4

The files in this directory contain source code changes to fix
problems in released versions of Vim. Each file also contains an
explanation of the problem that is fixed, like the message that
was sent to the vim-dev maillist.

The best is to apply the patches in sequence. This avoids problems
when a patch depends on a previous patch. If you did not unpack the
extra archive, you may want to skip patches marked with "extra:".
Similarly for the "lang" archive.

Before patching, change to the top Vim directory, where the "src"
and "runtime" directories are located.
Depending on the version of "patch" that you use, you may have add
an argument to make it patch the right file:
patch -p < 6.4.001
patch -p0 < 6.4.001

After applying a patch, you need to compile Vim. There are no
patches for binaries.

Checksums for the patch files can be found in the file MD5.

Individual patches for Vim 6.4:

1705 6.4.001 (extra) Win32: can't compile the global IME code
7802 6.4.002 Unix: may change owner of wrong file in rare cases
1463 6.4.003 (after 6.4.002) build problem on non-Unix system
1581 6.4.004 "go" doesn't work correctly when 'virtualedit' is set
1577 6.4.005 truncating message may write before buffer
2320 6.4.006 ":argedit", "argdel" and ":argadd" used count argument
1717 6.4.007 Unix: crash when expanding backticks
2199 6.4.008 hang for 'hlsearch' highlighting in multi-byte character
2653 6.4.009 (after 6.4.002) VMS: updating the viminfo file fails
3493 6.4.010 (extra) VMS: improved low level keyboard input
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