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6.3.0012004-Jun-09 15:06:302.61KB 001 File
6.3.0022004-Jun-10 21:06:013.82KB 002 File
6.3.0032004-Jun-11 20:06:431.85KB 003 File
6.3.0042004-Jun-13 12:06:032.38KB 004 File
6.3.0052004-Jun-16 10:06:322.74KB 005 File
6.3.0062004-Jun-16 12:06:221.53KB 006 File
6.3.0072004-Jun-20 13:06:361.71KB 007 File
6.3.0082004-Jun-27 17:06:401.82KB 008 File
6.3.0092004-Jun-29 10:06:573.58KB 009 File
6.3.0102004-Jun-29 20:06:402.39KB 010 File
6.3.0112004-Jul-02 22:07:571.85KB 011 File
6.3.0122004-Jul-06 14:07:482.81KB 012 File
6.3.0132004-Jul-09 22:07:0911.67KB 013 File
6.3.0142004-Jul-20 17:07:001.53KB 014 File
6.3.0152004-Jul-28 11:07:371.18KB 015 File
6.3.0162004-Aug-26 16:08:061.69KB 016 File
6.3.0172004-Aug-27 21:08:031.33KB 017 File
6.3.0182004-Aug-30 15:08:311.80KB 018 File
6.3.0192004-Aug-30 19:08:431.95KB 019 File
6.3.0202004-Aug-31 20:08:551.87KB 020 File
6.3.0212004-Sep-04 16:09:312.76KB 021 File
6.3.0222004-Sep-04 16:09:312.12KB 022 File
6.3.0232004-Sep-04 19:09:046.27KB 023 File
6.3.0242004-Sep-05 20:09:462.40KB 024 File
6.3.0252004-Sep-05 20:09:461.38KB 025 File
6.3.0262004-Sep-13 16:09:043.00KB 026 File
6.3.0272004-Sep-18 20:09:377.32KB 027 File
6.3.0282004-Sep-18 21:09:222.08KB 028 File
6.3.0292004-Oct-05 17:10:032.12KB 029 File
6.3.0302004-Oct-07 20:10:064.47KB 030 File
6.3.0312004-Oct-22 11:10:341.45KB 031 File
6.3.0322004-Nov-18 10:11:292.04KB 032 File
6.3.0332004-Nov-18 10:11:381.52KB 033 File
6.3.0342004-Nov-22 10:11:471.58KB 034 File
6.3.0352004-Nov-22 17:11:447.70KB 035 File
6.3.0362004-Dec-04 14:12:241.73KB 036 File
6.3.0372004-Dec-04 15:12:292.82KB 037 File
6.3.0382004-Dec-04 17:12:481.62KB 038 File
6.3.0392004-Dec-05 14:12:012.68KB 039 File
6.3.0402004-Dec-05 16:12:4717.60KB 040 File
6.3.0412004-Dec-05 16:12:521.89KB 041 File
6.3.0422004-Dec-06 11:12:041.72KB 042 File
6.3.0432004-Dec-07 13:12:127.86KB 043 File
6.3.0442004-Dec-08 22:12:472.75KB 044 File
6.3.0452004-Dec-09 16:12:3712.00KB 045 File
6.3.0462004-Dec-11 16:12:452.18KB 046 File
6.3.0472004-Dec-15 15:12:422.14KB 047 File
6.3.0482004-Dec-16 12:12:1317.75KB 048 File
6.3.0492004-Dec-16 12:12:561.73KB 049 File
6.3.0502004-Dec-16 12:12:112.17KB 050 File
6.3.0512004-Dec-16 12:12:541.62KB 051 File
6.3.0522004-Dec-16 14:12:053.10KB 052 File
6.3.0532004-Dec-23 17:12:591.54KB 053 File
6.3.0542005-Jan-05 11:01:171.93KB 054 File
6.3.0552005-Jan-13 14:01:158.64KB 055 File
6.3.0562005-Jan-13 16:01:122.04KB 056 File
6.3.0572005-Jan-13 17:01:511.71KB 057 File
6.3.0582005-Jan-18 10:01:014.34KB 058 File
6.3.0592005-Jan-29 16:01:452.23KB 059 File
6.3.0602005-Jan-29 16:01:451.57KB 060 File
6.3.0612005-Jan-29 16:01:141.94KB 061 File
6.3.0622005-Feb-13 20:02:352.28KB 062 File
6.3.0632005-Mar-11 19:03:581.40KB 063 File
6.3.0642005-Mar-11 19:03:181.55KB 064 File
6.3.0652005-Mar-18 10:03:364.33KB 065 File
6.3.0662005-Mar-18 13:03:064.62KB 066 File
6.3.0672005-Mar-18 19:03:062.15KB 067 File
6.3.0682005-Mar-24 11:03:032.19KB 068 File
6.3.0692005-Apr-11 11:04:481.67KB 069 File
6.3.0702005-Apr-11 11:04:431.88KB 070 File
6.3.0712005-Apr-11 11:04:011.68KB 071 File
6.3.0722005-May-20 13:05:532.03KB 072 File
6.3.0732005-May-22 12:05:591.97KB 073 File
6.3.0742005-May-22 12:05:472.31KB 074 File
6.3.0752005-May-31 21:05:551.70KB 075 File
6.3.0762005-Jun-07 11:06:133.46KB 076 File
6.3.0772005-Jun-14 14:06:281.89KB 077 File
6.3.0782005-Jun-14 19:06:402.45KB 078 File
6.3.0792005-Jul-01 11:07:321.81KB 079 File
6.3.0802005-Jul-04 12:07:242.95KB 080 File
6.3.0812005-Jul-19 22:07:451.69KB 081 File
6.3.0822005-Jul-20 11:07:412.05KB 082 File
6.3.0832005-Jul-21 13:07:494.93KB 083 File
6.3.0842005-Jul-21 13:07:066.61KB 084 File
6.3.0852005-Jul-24 19:07:493.33KB 085 File
6.3.0862005-Jul-29 09:07:4010.37KB 086 File
6.3.0872005-Sep-25 13:09:311.44KB 087 File
6.3.0882005-Sep-25 15:09:172.22KB 088 File
6.3.0892005-Sep-28 14:09:522.17KB 089 File
6.3.0902005-Sep-30 15:09:491.45KB 090 File
MD52005-Oct-09 21:10:564.31KB 3//MD5 File
Patches for Vim - Vi IMproved 6.3

The files in this directory contain source code changes to fix
problems in released versions of Vim. Each file also contains an
explanation of the problem that is fixed, like the message that
was sent to the vim-dev maillist.

The best is to apply the patches in sequence. This avoids problems
when a patch depends on a previous patch. If you did not unpack the
extra archive, you may want to skip patches marked with "extra:".
Similarly for the "lang" archive.

Before patching, change to the top Vim directory, where the "src"
and "runtime" directories are located.
Depending on the version of "patch" that you use, you may have add
an argument to make it patch the right file:
patch -p < 6.3.001
patch -p0 < 6.3.001

After applying a patch, you need to compile Vim. There are no
patches for binaries.

Checksums for the patch files can be found in the file MD5.

Individual patches for Vim 6.3:

2672 6.3.001 ":browse split" gives file selection dialog twice
3913 6.3.002 utf-8 detection in translated help files is wrong
1891 6.3.003 crash when using console dialog without default choice
2438 6.3.004 too many hit-enter prompts when searching for long string
2809 6.3.005 crash when searching with character offset in closed fold
1566 6.3.006 the current directory is prepended to the ":breakadd" argument
1755 6.3.007 swap file is not deleted for a "nofile" buffer after ":cd"
1865 6.3.008 OS/2: can't compile, missing error message
3670 6.3.009 (after 6.3.006) ":breakadd file" does not match for a symlink
2450 6.3.010 writing to a named pipe causes an error message for fsync()
1896 6.3.011 crash when user command completion uses "normal :cmd"
2882 6.3.012 lalloc(0) error for substitute command with multi-line pattern
11947 6.3.013 crash when using CTRL-R = in command line uses "normal :cmd"
1566 6.3.014 default value of 'helplang' is wrong for Chinese and Taiwanese
1207 6.3.015 the string returned by winrestcmd() may end in garbage
1735 6.3.016 'define' default had "\s" before #, breaks "[d"
1364 6.3.017 "9zz" could place the cursor beyond the end of a line
1844 6.3.018 ":0argadd zero" added the argument after the first one
1992 6.3.019 crash during startup when compiled for debugging
1915 6.3.020 "dw" doesn't work right for UTF-8 when 'delcombine' is set
2822 6.3.021 can't edit file with path separator in trail byte of last char
2173 6.3.022 (extra) Win32: can't write file with path sep. in trail byte
6419 6.3.023 when is remapped abbreviations are not expanded
2456 6.3.024 missing NUL for strings created with ga_concat()
1409 6.3.025 (extra) missing NUL for list of server names
3070 6.3.026 setting 'bg' in syncolor.vim may cause endless loop or crash
7500 6.3.027 VMS: Writing a file may insert extra CR characters
2128 6.3.028 the BOM marker is written when appending to a file
2173 6.3.029 crash in syntax highlighting code when inserting a line break
4579 6.3.030 GTK 2: crash when 'enc' is set to "utf-8" and menus redefined
1483 6.3.031 pressing Tab when entering a mapping may cause a display error
2094 6.3.032 with Python 2.3 using threads doesn't work
1552 6.3.033 mapping ending in two-char command doesn't restart Insert mode
1618 6.3.034 VMS: crash in RTL when using :help, caused by ? wildcard
7883 6.3.035 (extra) RISC OS: compilation problems, better Makefile
1770 6.3.036 ml_get errors when fold was deleted
2889 6.3.037 (after 6.3.032) warning for unused variable
1664 6.3.038 (extra) Win32: mouse click take effect much later
2749 6.3.039 line numbers not updated when inserting a line above window
18020 6.3.040 window count for a buffer was wrong after error handling
1932 6.3.041 (extra) Win32: ":cd %:p:h" doesn't work when 'enc' is not ACP
1760 6.3.042 CTRL-X CTRL-E in Insert mode does not scroll fold correctly
8053 6.3.043 'hlsearch' highlighting sometimes disappears
2812 6.3.044 (extra) Mac: pixels left behind when 'linespace' is non-zero
12283 6.3.045 some option values may cause trouble in a modeline
2231 6.3.046 ":registers" doesn't show multi-byte characters correctly
2196 6.3.047 (extra) Win XP with Borland: new file is created read-only
18175 6.3.048 (extra) VMS: doesn't build on IA64
1776 6.3.049 (after 6.3.045) compiler warning for pointer type
2225 6.3.050 a SIGHUP while already exiting may cause a crash
1661 6.3.051 crash when 'wildmenu' set and completing multi-byte file name
3175 6.3.052 (extra) Win 98: can't enter non-ASCII characters if 'enc' set
1576 6.3.053 Win32: ":loadview" doesn't work for files with non-latin chars
1981 6.3.054 when 'im' is set redraw remains off when repeating an insert
8844 6.3.055 wrong text and crash using = or e in command line
2091 6.3.056 window title wrong for specific multi-byte character
1748 6.3.057 folds are not updated after a filter command
4440 6.3.058 crash when zero columns room; can't compile without :vsplit
2286 6.3.059 crash when editing a file with spaces and shell expansion
1609 6.3.060 register name isn't checked for CTRL-R CTRL-O in Insert mode
1984 6.3.061 display mess when multi-byte char at right edge of screen
2337 6.3.062 ":normal! gQ" hangs
1434 6.3.063 after the CursorHold event 'mousefocus' may stop working
1586 6.3.064 line2byte(line("$") + 1) sometimes returns the wrong number
4436 6.3.065 there was no digraph for euro in Unicode
4728 6.3.066 permissions of backup file may be wrong
2200 6.3.067 (after 6.3.066) newly created file gets execute permission
2247 6.3.068 can't write when editing symbolic link to compressed file
1710 6.3.069 when converting text with illegal characters Vim may crash
1928 6.3.070 crash when 'number' set and with a vertical split
1722 6.3.071 CTRL-X message sticks after error for completion
2083 6.3.072 crash for substitute message when using UTF-8 and Chinese
2017 6.3.073 Win32 GUI: display errors when scrolling up/down
2365 6.3.074 with 'insertmode' CTRL-V after Select mode doesn't work
1745 6.3.075 syntax highlighting wrong after unloading another buffer
3546 6.3.076 crash when using Cscope interface with very long result
1934 6.3.077 (extra) VMS: character after ESC not handled correctly
2508 6.3.078 (extra, after 6.3.077) VMS: performance issue
1853 6.3.079 crash after executing a command in the command-line window
3024 6.3.080 (extra) Win32: edit fails when 'enc' is utf-8 and Chinese cp
1729 6.3.081 glob() may execute shell command unexpectedly
2102 6.3.082 (after 6.3.081) more generic solution to avoid shell commands
5053 6.3.083 VMS: add function keys to vt320 termcap entry
6773 6.3.084 (extra) Cygwin: update src makefile and add src/po makefile
3408 6.3.085 crash in syntax highlighting
10618 6.3.086 (extra) Russian translation has a few mistakes
1471 6.3.087 Win32: crash when expanding file name when there isn't one
2269 6.3.088 editing ".in" causes error E218
2223 6.3.089 session file can't handle current directory with spaces
1484 6.3.090 crash with very large value for 'columns' or 'lines'
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