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This directory contains the latest version of translated messages for Vim.

To obtain those files that differ from your current files:
1. Make sure you have Python (version 1.5 or later).
2. Install Aap; see
3. Download the "main.aap" recipe from this directory. Place it in the "po"
subdirectory of the Vim source directory: "path/src/po".
4. Run "aap" with this recipe. It will download all the files that you
don't have yet and those that are different from what's stored here.
5. Install Vim to start using the new files.

For steps 3 to 5 you could type this:

cd path/src/po
cd ..
make install

Once you have done this, you can update to the latest version with:

cd path/src/po
aap update

Note: This only obtains new files, it does not delete files that are no
longer used. It also is an effective way to erase any changes you made
to the files yourself!

The "main.aap" recipe was generated with the ":mkdownload" command in
Lighttpd Enhanced Directory Listing Script