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vim5.6.68k.sit2000-Mar-18 15:03:58291.15KB SIT File
vim5.6.fat.sit2000-Mar-18 15:03:21610.15KB SIT File
vim5.6.full.fat.sit2000-Mar-18 15:03:151.61MB SIT File
vim5.6.ppc.sit2000-Mar-18 16:03:30325.88KB SIT File
vim54bin.sit1999-Aug-29 22:08:19726.16KB SIT File
vim54rt.sit1999-Aug-29 22:08:051.05MB SIT File
vim55bin.sit1999-Sep-26 14:09:00729.06KB SIT File
vim55rt.sit1999-Sep-26 14:09:431.08MB SIT File
Vim - Vi IMproved - for the MacIntosh

Info on the 5.6 version of Vim can be found at:
These files have been made available by Dany St-Amant.

A version with the MULTI_BYTE feature can be found here:

For using Vim in the Terminal program in Mac OS X, compile the Unix sources.

You will need StuffIt Expander 5.x to extract the files.

1688291 vim5.6.full.fat.sit Vim 5.6, FAT application + runtime files
298138 vim5.6.68k.sit Vim 5.6, 68k application only
624790 vim5.6.fat.sit Vim 5.6, FAT application only
333697 vim5.6.ppc.sit Vim 5.6, PowerPC application only

The 5.5 and 5.4 versions were compiled by Axel Kielhorn
More info:

Syntax highlighting is not supported for 68k.

1136568 vim55rt.sit Vim 5.5 runtime files packed for Mac
746557 vim55bin.sit Vim 5.5 Mac 68k and PPC binaries

1103481 vim54rt.sit Vim 5.4 runtime files packed for Mac
743586 vim54bin.sit Vim 5.4 Mac 68k and PPC binaries
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