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sane2004_vim_bof.mp32004-Oct-03 22:10:0229.83MB MP3 Video File
sane2004_vim_bof.ogg2004-Oct-06 10:10:2521.42MB OGG File
vim-5.2-5.3-extra.diff.gz1998-Aug-31 09:08:003.25KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.3-extra.tar.gz1998-Aug-31 09:08:00382.95KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.4-5.5-extra.diff.gz1999-Sep-19 17:09:0726.71KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.4-extra.tar.gz1999-Jul-25 20:07:53441.74KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.5-5.6-extra.diff.gz2000-Jan-16 19:01:5541.91KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.5-extra.tar.gz1999-Sep-19 17:09:50444.91KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.6-5.7-extra.diff.gz2000-Jun-24 15:06:42112.97KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.6-extra.tar.gz2000-Jan-16 19:01:23466.41KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.7-5.8-extra.diff.gz2001-May-31 17:05:1874.44KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.7-extra.tar.gz2000-Jun-24 15:06:06497.44KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-5.8-extra.tar.gz2001-May-31 17:05:12482.62KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.0-6.1-extra.diff.gz2002-Mar-24 17:03:5880.90KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.0-extra.tar.gz2001-Sep-26 18:09:53778.89KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.0-lang.tar.gz2001-Sep-26 18:09:49757.36KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.1-6.2-extra.diff.gz2003-Jun-01 16:06:26201.48KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.1-6.2-lang.diff.gz2003-Jun-01 16:06:31648.66KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.1-extra.tar.gz2002-Mar-24 17:03:35788.60KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.1-lang.tar.gz2002-Mar-24 17:03:51846.65KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.1.405-extra.tar.gz2003-Mar-15 21:03:03810.48KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.1.405-lang.tar.gz2003-Mar-15 21:03:11874.99KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2-extra.tar.gz2003-Jun-01 16:06:17811.88KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.2-lang.tar.gz2003-Jun-01 16:06:201.04MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.3-6.4-extra.diff.gz2005-Oct-15 16:10:3917.45KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.3-6.4-lang.diff.gz2005-Oct-15 16:10:43460.44KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.3-extra.tar.gz2004-Jun-07 14:06:32848.25KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.3-lang.tar.gz2004-Jun-07 14:06:351.01MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.4-extra.tar.gz2005-Oct-15 16:10:23865.23KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-6.4-lang.tar.gz2005-Oct-15 16:10:271.07MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.0-7.1-extra.diff.gz2007-May-12 14:05:0339.00KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.0-7.1-lang.diff.gz2007-May-12 14:05:0332.47KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.0-extra.tar.gz2006-May-07 16:05:03691.96KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.0-lang.tar.gz2006-May-07 16:05:041.13MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.1-7.2-extra.diff.gz2008-Aug-09 18:08:2134.70KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.1-7.2-lang.diff.gz2008-Aug-09 18:08:21376.63KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.1-extra.tar.gz2007-May-12 14:05:06697.11KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.1-lang.tar.gz2007-May-12 14:05:061.13MB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.2-extra.tar.gz2008-Aug-09 18:08:34703.41KB GZ Compressed Archive
vim-7.2-lang.tar.gz2008-Aug-09 18:08:361.30MB GZ Compressed Archive
vime-5.0-5.1.diff.gz1998-Apr-08 00:04:00126.72KB GZ Compressed Archive
vime-5.0.tar.gz1998-Feb-19 00:02:00262.00KB GZ Compressed Archive
vime-5.1.tar.gz1998-Apr-07 00:04:00307.54KB GZ Compressed Archive
Extra files for Vim - Vi IMproved

There are no extra files for Vim 7.3, everything is in the main

The files in this directory are EXTRA. They contain the Farsi
files, OLE automation, SNiFF interface, OS/2, VMS, Mac, etc.

The "-lang" archive contains translated menus and messages for
a number of languages. When this is not used, all menus and
messages are English.

For the complete set of sources and documentation get these:

720290 vim-7.2-extra.tar.gz Extra files for version 7.2
1365638 vim-7.2-lang.tar.gz Language files for version 7.2
35529 vim-7.1-7.2-extra.diff.gz Extra files diff between 7.1 and 7.2
385667 vim-7.1-7.2-lang.diff.gz Language files diff between 7.1 and 7.2

713842 vim-7.1-extra.tar.gz Extra files for version 7.1
1188738 vim-7.1-lang.tar.gz Language files for version 7.1
39939 vim-7.0-7.1-extra.diff.gz Extra files diff between 7.0 and 7.1
33251 vim-7.0-7.1-lang.diff.gz Language files diff between 7.0 and 7.1

708564 vim-7.0-extra.tar.gz Extra files for version 7.0
1180240 vim-7.0-lang.tar.gz Language files for version 7.0

885991 vim-6.4-extra.tar.gz Extra files for version 6.4
1118790 vim-6.4-lang.tar.gz Language files for version 6.4

17870 vim-6.3-6.4-extra.diff.gz Extra files diff between 6.3 and 6.4
471494 vim-6.3-6.4-lang.diff.gz Language files diff between 6.3 and 6.4

868609 vim-6.3-extra.tar.gz Extra files for version 6.3
1057792 vim-6.3-lang.tar.gz Language files for version 6.3

831368 vim-6.2-extra.tar.gz Extra files for version 6.2
1093788 vim-6.2-lang.tar.gz Language files for version 6.2
206317 vim-6.1-6.2-extra.diff.gz Extra files diff between 6.1 and 6.2
664225 vim-6.1-6.2-lang.diff.gz Language files diff between 6.1 and 6.2

829932 vim-6.1.405-extra.tar.gz Extra files for version 6.1.405
895992 vim-6.1.405-lang.tar.gz Language files for version 6.1.405

807528 vim-6.1-extra.tar.gz Extra files for version 6.1
866974 vim-6.1-lang.tar.gz Language files for version 6.1
82844 vim-6.0-6.1-extra.diff.gz Extra files diff between 6.0 and 6.1
(the language files diff is too big)

797587 vim-6.0-extra.tar.gz Extra files for version 6.0
775541 vim-6.0-lang.tar.gz Language files for version 6.0

494201 vim-5.8-extra.tar.gz Extra files for version 5.8
76230 vim-5.7-5.8-extra.diff.gz diff between 5.7 and 5.8

509375 vim-5.7-extra.tar.gz Extra files for version 5.7
115685 vim-5.6-5.7-extra.diff.gz diff between 5.6 and 5.7


268286 vime-5.0.tar.gz Extra files for version 5.0
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