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ctags202.tgz1998-Mar-02 00:03:0020.15KB TGZ File
vim30bin.lha1996-Mar-05 00:03:00275.38KB LHA File
vim30src.lha1996-Mar-05 00:03:00380.02KB LHA File
vim46bin.lha1997-Mar-13 00:03:00576.24KB LHA File
vim46src.lha1997-Mar-13 00:03:00775.50KB LHA File
vim50big.tgz1998-Feb-19 00:02:00203.47KB TGZ File
vim50bin.tgz1998-Mar-02 00:03:00783.96KB TGZ File
vim50src.tgz1998-Mar-02 00:03:00708.08KB TGZ File
vim51big.tgz1998-Apr-07 00:04:00205.81KB TGZ File
vim51bin.tgz1998-Apr-07 00:04:00827.32KB TGZ File
vim51src.tgz1998-Apr-07 00:04:00719.57KB TGZ File
vim53big.tgz1998-Aug-31 09:08:00256.11KB TGZ File
vim53bin.tgz1998-Aug-31 09:08:00243.33KB TGZ File
vim53rt.tgz1998-Aug-31 09:08:00739.42KB TGZ File
vim53src.tgz1998-Aug-31 09:08:00784.41KB TGZ File
vim54big.tgz1999-Jul-25 20:07:10299.27KB TGZ File
vim54bin.tgz1999-Jul-25 20:07:24285.70KB TGZ File
vim54rt.tgz1999-Jul-25 20:07:22951.65KB TGZ File
vim54src.tgz1999-Jul-25 20:07:42920.92KB TGZ File
vim55big.tgz1999-Sep-19 17:09:13302.53KB TGZ File
vim55bin.tgz1999-Sep-19 17:09:51289.04KB TGZ File
vim55rt.tgz1999-Sep-19 17:09:27991.55KB TGZ File
vim55src.tgz1999-Sep-19 17:09:40929.96KB TGZ File
vim56big.tgz2000-Jan-16 19:01:12303.88KB TGZ File
vim56bin.tgz2000-Jan-16 19:01:26290.35KB TGZ File
vim56rt.tgz2000-Jan-16 19:01:011.02MB TGZ File
vim56src.tgz2000-Jan-16 19:01:58935.81KB TGZ File
vim57big.tgz2000-Jun-24 15:06:58292.21KB TGZ File
vim57bin.tgz2000-Jun-24 15:06:32292.22KB TGZ File
vim57rt.tgz2000-Jun-24 15:06:311.10MB TGZ File
vim57src.tgz2000-Jun-24 15:06:34946.62KB TGZ File
vim58big.tgz2001-May-31 17:05:21276.05KB TGZ File
vim58bin.tgz2001-May-31 17:05:41261.32KB TGZ File
vim58rt.tgz2001-May-31 17:05:171.23MB TGZ File
vim58src.tgz2001-May-31 17:05:25866.67KB TGZ File
vim60bin.tgz2001-Sep-26 18:09:46358.53KB TGZ File
vim60rt.tgz2001-Sep-26 18:09:591.74MB TGZ File
vim60src.tgz2001-Sep-26 18:09:331.22MB TGZ File
vim61bin.tgz2002-Mar-24 16:03:54361.17KB TGZ File
vim61rt.tgz2002-Mar-24 17:03:111.85MB TGZ File
vim61src.tgz2002-Mar-24 17:03:221.24MB TGZ File
vim62rt.tgz2003-Jun-01 17:06:222.06MB TGZ File
vim62src.tgz2003-Jun-01 17:06:101.40MB TGZ File
vim63bin.tgz2004-Jun-07 14:06:55387.60KB TGZ File
vim63rt.tgz2004-Jun-07 14:06:512.19MB TGZ File
vim63src.tgz2004-Jun-07 14:06:431.46MB TGZ File
vim64bin.tgz2005-Oct-15 17:10:15388.74KB TGZ File
vim64rt.tgz2005-Oct-15 16:10:252.23MB TGZ File
vim64src.tgz2005-Oct-15 16:10:201.47MB TGZ File
vim71rt.tgz2007-May-12 14:05:192.93MB TGZ File
vim71src.tgz2007-May-12 14:05:151.81MB TGZ File
vim72rt.tgz2008-Aug-09 18:08:483.07MB TGZ File
vim72src.tgz2008-Aug-09 18:08:531.84MB TGZ File
vim73rt.tgz2010-Aug-15 15:08:423.24MB TGZ File
vim73src.tgz2010-Aug-15 15:08:471.92MB TGZ File
Vim - Vi IMproved - for Amiga

Vim 7 binaries are not available. You can use Vim 6.4.

3397661 vim73rt.tgz V7.3 runtime files (always needed)
2013886 vim73src.tgz V7.3 sources

3215608 vim72rt.tgz V7.2 runtime files (always needed)
1930839 vim72src.tgz V7.2 sources

3069853 vim71rt.tgz V7.1 runtime files (always needed)
1894789 vim71src.tgz V7.1 sources

2336178 vim64rt.tgz V6.4 runtime files (always needed)
398072 vim64bin.tgz V6.4 binaries with extra features
1541991 vim64src.tgz V6.4 sources

2292178 vim63rt.tgz V6.3 runtime files (always needed)
396898 vim63bin.tgz V6.3 binaries with extra features
1535719 vim63src.tgz V6.3 sources

2157430 vim62rt.tgz V6.2 runtime files (always needed)
1462798 vim62src.tgz V6.2 sources

1936652 vim61rt.tgz V6.1 runtime files (always needed)
369836 vim61bin.tgz V6.1 binaries with extra features
1297856 vim61src.tgz V6.1 sources

1823966 vim60rt.tgz V6.0 runtime files (always needed)
367135 vim60bin.tgz V6.0 binaries with extra features
1279434 vim60src.tgz V6.0 sources

1287249 vim58rt.tgz V5.8 runtime files (always needed)
267596 vim58bin.tgz V5.8 binaries
282676 vim58big.tgz V5.8 binaries with extra features
887472 vim58src.tgz V5.8 sources


590068 vim46bin.lha V4.6 binaries and runtime files
794114 vim46src.lha V4.6 sources

281985 vim30bin.lha V3.0 binaries and runtime files
389137 vim30src.lha V3.0 sources
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